The First Business Department

Since we established our company in 1888, this department had been engaging in the export and import business of Flowerbulbs, such as Lily, Tulip, Iris, Freesia etc.

Since 1980's, we transferred our main business to import of Flowerbulbs from export ones. In order to meet the requirement of domestic market, we have developed strong relationship with the companies specialized in Flowerbulb business in The Netherlands who are able to offer up-to-date horticultural technology and new species.

Flowerbulb Flowerbulb Importing flowerbulbs, which is mainly Lily and Tulip, besides Iris, Freesia, Alstroemeria and Gerbera etc., from not only The Netherlands but also Chile and New Zealand.
This business is the core since the company establishment in 1888.

For export side on the department business, it has been dealing with Bonsai plants, Gardening tools etc. These goods are one of the traditional and representative items of Japan. We have been introducing and exporting them to Europe as a pioneer. The success of Bonsai business has been effective in spreading the Japanese culture to all through Europe.

Bonsai Bonsai Bonsai is popular in Europe and the United States as one of the symbols of Japanese culture. We are exporting Bonsai plants, Garden trees and Gardening tools like pots and scissors so on to European countries mainly.

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