One of the leading Bonsai export companies in Japan with more than fifty years experience.
In the line, we enjoy a specially advantageous position because we have many contracted nurseries for Bonsai and Garden Trees, besides having wide and direct connections with first class makers of Bonsai tools and pots including Tokoname pots.
Since 1960's we have been exporting Bonsai Trees to europe actively.
We are now trying to spread this business as the leading Japanese exporter of Bonsai and Garden Trees as well as Bonsai tools and pots.
We are confident that we can give our customers complete satisfaction.
If you are interested in buying the following items, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We trust that a mutually profitable relationship will be established in future.
We are always at your service.

Bonsai Trees
  • Pinus Pentaphylla
  • Acer Palmatum
  • Acer Buergerianum
  • Juniperus Chinensis
  • Rhododendron Indicum etc.

Garden Trees
  • Ilex Crenata
  • Taxus Cuspidata
  • Podocarupus etc.

Bonsai Tools
  • Bonsai Pots including Tokoname Pots
  • Bonsai Scissors
  • All Japanese Bonsai goods