The Third Business Department

This department, as a supplier and a dispatcher of international and domestic information, is always supplying customers with quality goods steadily as well as technical and/or practical know-how constantly.

We have been importing T-shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts and other casual wear directly form China, Vietnam for more than forty years. We continually supply customers with our standardized garments and those of customer's own design as well.

Apparel Apparel Importng imprintable wears like T-shirts, Polo shirts, Sweat shirts, Parkas, Jumpers etc. from all over the world as not only novelty when deffernt events but also clothings for apparel manufacturers.

Regarding hand looms, we are the Japan's pioneer as a commercial importer. With pioneering sprits, we are offering looms that always satisfy both a beginner weaver and a professional customer. The looms from Glimakra of Sweden are made from the highest quality pine and the resultant quality looms are treasured by many weavers in the world including professional artists. Texsolv looming system, which is patented and supplied by Tecsolv of Sweden, is a revolutionary system which has reduced tedious tie-up job by half. From Ashford of New Zealand, we import spinning wheels and hand looms. They, especially spinning wheels, are very popular with many weavers and knitters because of ample varieties and easiness of operation. Their sale volume is the highest in the world.

Looms Looms Looming is popular as hobby and learning in Japan. Importing looms and its components from major supplier in Sweden and New Zealand.

Also we import wireless devices, miniature lightbulbs for torched and educational use, lamps and fluorescent lamps for general lighting use, apparatus and lamps for road construction word, LEDs

Over many years we have been supplying these item to our domestic and overseas customers.

Lightbulbs & Educational Tools Educational Tools Importing educational tools for science lesson, socket for lightbulb, motor, kite kit for handmade, IC melody etc.