The Second Business Department

This department has been engaged in research in to Seaweeds, including seeking raw materials is suitable for producing Seaweeds Extracts from around the world. The department has also been exerting itself as a high quality supplier of specialized materials to domestic manufactures of gelling agents.

We have been importing Seaweeds from supply sources such as South America and Africa as well as Asian countries. Of late, due to circumstantial changes increasing both at home and abroad, overseas production has become more and more activated. Thus, our importing the finished products from overseas has increased. To exploit this fact, we have cooperated with domestic makers to provide technical guidance to foreign manufactures in the area of quality improvement, to that their products have suited the needs of our domestic market. In addition to these and other services, we have let our support to number of joint ventures between foreign and domestic manufactures.

Agar Agar & Seaweeds Seaweeds Importing various thickener, stabilizer and gelling agent like mainly Agar, Carrageenan etc. extracted from Seaweeds, and its raw materials like Gelidium seaweeds, Gracilaria seaweeds, Cottonii etc., from all over the world over 30 years.
Especially Agar Agar is hot goods focused not only as healthy foods but also for its different useful functionalities.

In import of spices for the domestic market, form China mainly, and India, we import Garlic, Horseradish, Chili and Ginger etc. to meet the needs of domestic makers and users.

Spices Spice Importing various Spices like Garlic, Ginger, Chili, Cassia, Cinnamon, Fennel Seed, Star Aniseed, Horseradish, Turmeric, Coriander seed, Tyme etc., from China, India, Vietnam and Morocco so on over 30 years.

In importing wines, we import sophisticated Wines made by world-famous wineries from mainly Italy and Chile, and sell them at reasonable prices.

Wine Wine Importing Italian Wines and Olive Oils, Chilean Wines with high quality from selected wineries.

Also we import vinyl lanterns for beer hall and shop decoration etc.

Over many years we have been supplying these item to our domestic and overseas customers.

Lantern Lanterns Importing vinyl lanterns for Japanese tradintional festival, Matsuri, over 30 years.